Black Robin Gin

Varietal | Gin

Region | Bay of Plenty, NZ

ABV | 43%

Tasting Notes


Blue Duck Vodka and Black Robin Gin are inspired by the extremely rare and endangered Blue duck and Black Robin (Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos and Petrocia traversi). Both unique to New Zealand. Blue Duck is a premium vodka that is hand crafted, batched-distilled in a reflex copper pot still and is blended with the purest water in the world. Seven distillations refine the vodka to produce a velvety smooth texture and a highly distinctive and incomparable taste.

Black Robin Gin is a premium gin that combines traditional exotic botanicals with native New Zealand Horopito, one of the world's most ancient flowering plants. The spicy citrus flavour gives exceptional delicacy and balance creating a distinctive, mellow texture with a refreshing unique fragrance with an elegant and refined finish.


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